A CNN Hero…

Too often admirable success stories involve multi-billionaires like Bill Gates or Warren Buffet who have earned their dough, and then subsequently began donating millions to various charities. While these efforts are extremely commendable, this particular woman’s story demonstrates true generosity.

Alfa Demmellash
Alfa Demmellash

Through her non-profit organization Rising Tide Capital, which is based in New Jersey, Alfa Demmellash helps small businesses prosper by tackling their simple management problems. Demmellash works directly with owners, the majority of them single mothers. Rathering than going after the bigwigs, who she could charge millions for consulting, this altruistic Harvard grad seeks flower shop owners, painters, and other smaller businesses to help them on their feet and allow these individuals to continue their lives as successful entrepreneurs.

Today, President Obama honored Demmellash at the White House for her contributions to the country.

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