Personal Projects

What do I do outside of work? 


Stanford Alumni Magazine, Correspondent (Class Notes)

My own personal blog about travel adventures

Television News

Host, Peninsula TV’s “Teens Today” series

  • Show 1: Pilot – Teens Today
  • Show 2: Off to college – the new normal
  • Show 3: The increased stress to succeed
  • Show 4: The age of social media
  • Show 5: Lack of civic engagement?
  • Show 6 (not aired yet): What’s in your wallet?

Screen Shot 2015-08-09 at 8.40.22 pm


Nepal post-earthquake relief trip- July 11-18 (blog)

Nepal post-earthquake relief trip 2015 facebook_1437544730884 Nepal relief trip - Kagatigaon


Jackie Chan Adventures Television show, Seasons 1-5; voice of “Jade Chan” [IMDB]

  • 2001 Daytime Emmy nominee, “Outstanding Voiceover in a Lead Performance”


Fit model for Madeira Brand clothing



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