Techies Go to Nepal

An email at work was forwarded around announcing a fundraiser and earthquake relief trip to Nepal in mid-July. My immediate thought: “Follow the money.” The former journalist in me instinctively started researching how would use fundraised dollars on the Nepal Earthquake relief trip. On April 25, a 7.8 magnitude earthquake completely devastated Nepal, and the Nepalis desperately deserved every $1 of aide received to … Continue reading Techies Go to Nepal

Of course, the inevitable delay.. but I’m still grateful!

1. friendly neighbors: Man, being able to just knock on your neighbors’ door, enjoy a glass of wine (or two), and chat with them for hours is such a wonderful thing in life. Kevin’s neighbors are super awesome and friendly and hilarious. Plus, you never know when you may need to borrow some sugar 😉   2. My wonderful boyfriend, Kevin: Somehow he supports, puts … Continue reading Of course, the inevitable delay.. but I’m still grateful!

Shrimp Destruction!!!

We hear about all these food campaigns encouraging us to eat locally and be mindful about where our food comes from. It supports local farmers, it’s fresher, it’s less susceptible to harmful contamination, etc. But we tend to forget (or the media doesn’t focus on) the environmental impact. I’m doing a bit of research about shrimp aquaculture, or shrimp farming, and the environmental damage is … Continue reading Shrimp Destruction!!!