Focus ONLY on this…

Have you ever heard those individuals bragging about how they can juggle 10 things at once? Checking their email, messaging their friends, listening to music, holding a conversation, AND doing their homework… Well, turns out they can’t. At least not simultaneously. Turns out that this multi-tasking is just lightning-quick “task-switching,” according to Stanford professors. And all this multi-tasking is lowering our productivity for all these … Continue reading Focus ONLY on this…

Kjerstin Erickson and FORGE

The wonderfully brilliant, passionate, and driven people at Stanford still cease to amaze me. And this is just at Stanford. What they go on to do after The Farm is incredible. The first person I’m profiling was actually an alumnus I profiled for The Stanford Daily, but her dedication to a cause she believes in was genuinely awe-inspiring. To physically build, from the ground up, … Continue reading Kjerstin Erickson and FORGE

… see you later?

We’re always told “it’s never goodbye, it’s see you later.” But as the Stanford Class of 2009 is about to graduate on Sunday, I can’t help but think it really is goodbye. And there isn’t one single good thing about goodbyes. They’re painful, sad, and usually, final. We all hail from cities all over the country, even the world, and that horrible evil monster (distance) … Continue reading … see you later?

Get your car squeaky clean AND help the environment?

Oh the glorious days when high school organizations had to raise money themselves. carwashes, candy selling, holiday grams, the usual. but by far the most profitable (hours, labor, and materials all considered) were the carwashes. nevermind that your nails were black for days after, those 6 hours baking in the sun “washing” cars earned those clubs a pretty penny. I recall these “good ol’ days” … Continue reading Get your car squeaky clean AND help the environment?

Legislate Against Prop 8: Stop the Violence, Stop the Hate!

Marching through White Plaza, while snaking through the Quad, and ultimately while sitting down in the intersection of Palm and Campus Drive, I kept thinking about why I was marching with dozens of other Stanford students, decrying the CA Supreme Court’s decision to uphold Prop 8. Sure, I believe in civil rights for everyone. I believe it’s the Supreme Court’s responsibility to protect the rights … Continue reading Legislate Against Prop 8: Stop the Violence, Stop the Hate!