Get your car squeaky clean AND help the environment?

Oh the glorious days when high school organizations had to raise money themselves. carwashes, candy selling, holiday grams, the usual. but by far the most profitable (hours, labor, and materials all considered) were the carwashes. nevermind that your nails were black for days after, those 6 hours baking in the sun “washing” cars earned those clubs a pretty penny.

All proceeds donated to St. Jude's!
All proceeds donated to St. Jude's!

I recall these “good ol’ days” because Tridelt held their annual “Delta Bubbles Car Wash” today to raise money for their partner, St. Jude’s. I drive my incredibly dirty car there (only to get turned down because they were “wrapping up” even though it was 10 minutes before closing time! S’okay ladies, still love you and the cause!) and thought about all the talk of professional car washes vs. do it yourself. I’ve heard arguments in favor of both, that one was much more environmentally friendly than the other. So after perusing a few websites, I decided that

1. Professional car washing is the most environmentally friendly because

a) they have specific disposal processes that don’t just drain into the sewage.

b) they use far less water than we do when we wash our cars ourselves

2. if you do wanna save a few bucks, wash your car on your LAWN even though

a) you’ll look like you’re just that bad of a driver where you have no idea how to park your car on your actual driveway, BUT, the majority of the water/suds/soap will get absorbed in the grass, thereby reducing the amount that goes into the storm sewers

b) grass can withstand this stuff much more than the animals and fishies that have to live in the stuff we dump in the gutters!

c) we save water by not having to water our grass for that day

soo, now I have a legitimate excuse to be lazy and take my car to a professional car wash instead of doing the job myself..

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