Journalism and Women Symposium
Journalism and Women Symposium

How appropriately titled that women in journalism in the Journalism And Women Symposium would be compared to one of the most feared movie villains of all time.

In actuality, at the Multimedia Training today, over 30 brilliant professionals (mostly journalists) who had already succeeded in their respective fields, gathered together to tackle  a commonly viewed villain: MULTIMEDIA! (enter scary JAWS music here)

As a 21-year-old Stanford student in the heart of the Silicon Valley, I often feel decades behind in the technology field. But for the first time today, I felt tech-savvy. Simply because I am on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. For many of these women, however, sites like Facebook are a thing of the future, which should remain in The Jetsons’ world of flying aircraft and robot maids.  I can’t even imagine how overwhelmed they must feel, trained in a time when the only tools needed were a pen, notepad and a word processor. Now, as we’ve all come to realized, we must be blogging, tweeting, linking in with others, videofeeing, and facebooking.. SIMULTANEOUSLY. The world is becoming ridiculously digitized and we journalists have to jump on the digital bandwagon.

p.s. I really wanna buy a Flip phone now, after seeing how this simplistic tool can capture video and photos SUPER easily.

Also, SIDENOTE: To protest against Prop 8, there is an event in Fresno where all Californians will “Meet in the Middle” to show solidarity with homosexual couples who do not receive the same 1138 rights that married couples receive.  Extra incentive: Charlize Theron will be there! Beautiful actress on the inside and out. Such a great cause.

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