Of course, the inevitable delay.. but I’m still grateful!

1. friendly neighbors: Man, being able to just knock on your neighbors’ door, enjoy a glass of wine (or two), and chat with them for hours is such a wonderful thing in life. Kevin’s neighbors are super awesome and friendly and hilarious. Plus, you never know when you may need to borrow some sugar 😉

2. My wonderful boyfriend, Kevin: Somehow he supports, puts up with and loves me for who I am. And I still get excited every day to see him 🙂 He’s da best
3. Board games!! For a while, I had a hiatus from games because my sister and I got way too competitive during family game nights. They were essentially relegated to a dark corner of our storage room by our parents and have since seen the light of day. NOW, we *love* board games. One in particular: Settlers of Catan. And boy is it epic. Our friends introduced this 4-6 player game to our group of friends, and now we’re hooked. Bring your game face, bitches. *Warning* This game is not for the faint of heart and will be a guaranteed 1.5 hours of strategy, manipulation, yelling, and friendship testing. 

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